Day 11 | Matthew Newman

Collage paper stop-motion animation. Influenced by the first chapter of Dracula amongst many other things. Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes

And What We Move Is Dead – TRT 13:43 mins.

Media Production Coordinator – Hampshire College
Adjunct Faculty – Emerson College
Greenfield Community College
University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
Springfield Tech Community College

Mount Emult/Matthew Newman-Long is a film/video maker/destroyer, musician/magician, father/afterfather, performance/performer/installer, comic/doodle/psychedelic collager.
He has won awards and been credited for doing “really ecstatic” stuff.

Matthew Newman – Swimming in beautiful oil

3 thoughts on “Day 11 | Matthew Newman

  1. The audio really helps to set the tone for the video. I’m not sure of the message you’re trying to get across to the viewer. It’s obviously about death and other immortal creatures. Gives me a bit of anxiety…

  2. the audio is chilling and the surreal aspect of the video as a whole kept me entangled in it. It reminds me of those animated segments in the Monty Python shows, only it has a purpose here. I feel a bit anxious watching it.

  3. This video was awesome! This is definitely one of my favorite uses of stop motion that I have ever seen ! Very well done and a spectacular piece of art!

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