Day 10 > Eija Temisevä

And Suddenly – You Realize – TRT 2:32

“A video poem” about the moment you realize.
A psychological process.

Things unknown
were creeping into your mind
You did not know what was it about
but then – you realize

EIJA TEMISEVÄ — I am a Finnish sculptor and video artist. I was born 1956 in Multia in Finland. During 1982 – 1986 I studied sculpture in Finnish Academy of Fine Arts. I have had several private and group exhibitions in Finland. After that I was tired of making sculptures and started to study making videos in 2012. I like to re-use my sculpture in videos. In that case the theme comes from the contents of the sculpture. Nature, especially woods and trees are important for me. So, the second theme I am interested in, is the connection between nature and a human being. Moreover I am interested in psychological and existential issues. I make videos about outer and inner observations: with the combination of pictures and sounds I want to make a certain atmosphere in the video. The genre of the most of my videos is Video art. Most of them I call Video Poems. Live now in Espoo, Finland.

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