Day 10 > Theo Putzu

Paper Memories – TRT 7:25 mins

Written and Directed: Theo Putzu
Photography: Theo Putzu
Editing Theo: Putzu
Sound Design: Martin Ortega Granella
Soundtrack: Miguel Marin
Stop-Motion technique, approximately 4000 photos.

An Old man search for happiness in old photos…
Two worlds divided by the inability to dream…
With COME FOGLIE… composes “Memories Duology”.

Theo Putzu was born in 1978 in a small village of Sardinia, Italy. He graduated from Accademia di Belle Arti ofFlorence on 2006, as a Production Designer. During 2005/2007 he studied Film Directing and Screenplay at Florence’s School of Cinema, and after that he attended for two years, 2008/2010, the Master in Film Directing at the CECC (Centro de Estudios Cinematograficos de Catalunya) of Barcelona, Spain. The last two short films, PAPER MEMORIES and COME FOGLIE…, have participated in more than 200 festivals and won 65 international awards.

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