Day 14 > Wonjin Son

Geometry, 1:24 TRT
Poem by Chloe Chung

only in this moving stillness i begin
to wonder why i feel alive and well
only when leaving from one point
to go to the other as if it is
necessary to understand the notion
of moving across the plane
as if i am flying in a plane
or stretching out my hands
to touch someone across from me

and all this while i come to realize
this vast emptiness above my head
or empty vastness beside my sides
all these possible heights and depths

and i re-learn my geometry

so only in this moving stillness i begin
to think, as john ashbery once wrote,
of going no further

주혜영 옮김

이렇듯 동적인 정적에서야 나는
비로소 온전히 살아있음, 그 이유를 사색한다
한 곳에서 다른 어딘가로 여정을 떠날 때
마치 수평선을 따라 차원을 가로지르는
비행기의 동력을 이해해야만 한다는 듯
마치 건너편 저 누군가에게 닿으려
있는 힘껏 허공으로 내 두 팔을 뻗어내 듯

그리고 그제서야 나는 깨닫는다
내 머리 위에 뜬 광활한 공허함
내 허리를 감싸는 공허한 광활함
얼마나 높았나, 또 얼마나 깊었나

이렇게 나는
새삼 나의 공간을 배운다

하여 이렇듯 동적인 정적에서야 나는
비로소 그 누군가의 말, 그 의미를 사색한다
애써 나아가지 않으리라

WONJIN SON: I graduated from School of Visual Arts in New York City in 2017, with a bachelor of fine arts degree in graphic design, with motion graphics concentration.

Stepping into the world of visual arts via photography, I started to appreciate the slightest movement of the light over time and how it affected all existing things. Then I realized that anything could become a work of art when viewed through the lenses, and that everything has its own story behind it. I want to become a creator who tells those stories never told.

Keeping my work in both RGB and CMYK worlds to expand my range of style and abilities is something I always try to achieve. Although I love to make things move on screen, I still love the timeless tangibility of printed matter. It is why I continue to practice film photography and drawing.

Having multiple perspectives from diverse cultures has made me flexible in terms of style, which is my greatest strength as a designer to communicate effectively.

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