Day 17 > Scott Wenner

Karl – TRT 2:03 mins

KARL was created for the second season of Motion Poems. The original poem was written in Norwegian by Dag Straumsvåg and later translated by Robert Hedlin. I loved this short poem from the first read and was really pleased to have had the opportunity to use it The film was an early foray into photorealistic CG filmmaking for me. I tried to really break down the core themes of the poem and then devise a parallel visual story that would complement the read instead of simply illustrating it. Ultimately, I’m always looking for a new and maybe untraditional way to tell a story. Unfolding a competing predator/prey scenario felt like a good way to honor and amplify the tension and general strangeness of the poem.

Scott Wenner is an artist and animator from St. Paul, MN. He has been animating for television and film for over ten years and has been featured in several international film festivals. His commercial clients have included National Geographic, The Discovery Channel, NBC Universal, PBS, Greenpeace, and many others. His 2014 film, ALFOAT, premiered at The Stuttgart International Festival of Animation. Also in 2014, Wenner partnered with the New York Times to create “Together We Stand,” an animated film for their Modern Love series.

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