Day 6 > Paula Moxham Imirzian

P2498 – 3:24 TRT
Sound: James Imirzian

The stop motion animation P2498 explores, via the use of paint, fluids and plastics, the idea that scientific endeavors categorize and investigate the body, and the environment, as a new space and frontier to explore. The numerical categorization seems arbitrary yet suggests that someone somewhere understands the meaning, and is marking time and place in this strange environment. The sound component created digitally emphasizes the unknown aspect of this world we are viewing, and does not attempt to help orient us to time and place.

PAULA MOXHAM IMIRZIAN holds an MFA in visual art from Vermont College of Fine Arts and is a British artist living in the US. She also has a background as a pediatric nurse, which has influenced and informed the scientific side of her art. Her work resides at the intersection of biotechnology and art as she investigates the body and its environment, with a focus at the molecular level. She is concerned with how we humans – as well as the organisms around us – can be manipulated and controlled at the cellular level without our full knowledge and perhaps changed beyond repair. She works in many mediums; ink, paint, stop motion animation, and digital painting. Her work is exhibited nationally and internationally.

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