Day 11 > Samuel Blain

In Dreams, 2:53 TRT
video: Samuel Blain
audio: Andrew Harvey

In Dreams is an experimental documentary that visualises the dreams of ordinary individuals. I asked numerous people to describe their most vivid and memorable dream. These interviews were then used to create a caricature, visually representative of each interviewees dreams. Using object tracking, these were then mapped onto the participants faces leaving their identities a mystery.

Samuel Blain is a London-based Motion Designer and an award winning film-maker, animator and designer from Cumbria. Currently based in London, he has over 4 years experience working for clients such as BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Discovery and BAFTA. He graduated from Northumbria’s School of Design in 2011, picking up a first class honours BA Honours degree in Motion Graphics & Animation.

His graduate film from Northumbria, In Dreams, picked up a string of awards, including a prestigious D&AD award, with critical acclaim from over 30 international film and animation Festivals worldwide. These include onedotzero_adventures in motion, Edinburgh International Film Festival, Ottawa International Animation Festival, London International Animation Festival, Melbourne International Animation Festival and Animation Block Party.

Vimeo has featured both In Dreams and Wastelands on its coveted Staff Picks page. D&AD selected him as one of the top 50 graduates of 2011, including Blain in the 2011 Graduate Academy Scheme, giving the years’ best students real world team briefs to tackle. He has since gone on to work at London based studios Moving Brands, Compost Creative, M-I-E and Earth London.

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