Day 17 > Christine Hooper

On Loop – TRT 5:00

Four in the morning, crapped out, yawning.

‘On Loop’ started life when I came across an interesting quote from film critic Bill Nichols which I found whilst writing my dissertation; ‘Every film is a documentary’. He argues that every film, even the most whimsical of fictions, gives evidence of its director. From the culture they were brought up in to their personal experiences, it is played out within their work. So I decided to make a film drawing on my personal experiences – to give a feel of authenticity but not be restrained by the documentary format. One thing I had a lot of experience of was insomnia, so I chose that as the theme.

The aesthetic was inspired by David Hockney‘s photomontages. I explored using split visuals within my BA work and wished to develop this technique further. I wanted to give a cubist feel, to have both a layering of time and to create a visual representation of fractured thoughts.

CHRISTINE HOOPER is a writer director hailing from Birmingham, UK. Her Royal College of Art graduation film, ‘On Loop’, has won multiple awards and been screened at over 65 festivals worldwide. Her work has been broadcast on E4, SkyArts & CBBC to name just a few.

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