Day 2 > Simone Doing and Max Puchalsky

Kindred, 7:35 TRT

Kindred is a visual response to Carol B. Adams’ The Sexual Politics of Meat: A Feminist-Vegetarian Critical Theory, which links meat consumption with patriarchal systems of oppression. Female-bodied animals across species are subjected to parallel forms of violence, through ongoing cycles of objectification, fragmentation, and consumption; rendered “being-less” through technology and cultural representation. Kindred presents a reversal of this process, using liminal and meditative audiovisual elements to generate a ritualistic cycle of being. On the surface, the resting nude situated within a womb-like aesthetic seduces the viewer, specifically, the male gaze. Yet, the form’s severed angularity shares a disturbing resemblance to animal bodies on the butcher’s block. The gaze is further interrupted by another, nonhuman “nude,” whose presence raises questions about anthropocentric frameworks of reproductive oppression.

Simone Doing (b. 1990 Hoofddorp, the Netherlands) and Max Puchalsky (b. 1990 Madison, WI, USA) have worked in collaboration since 2013. Their work investigates the potential of the public screen as a mobilizing force to build empathy, action, and long-term responsibility. From audiovisual installations to objects and software, their practice leverages a hybridity of forms reflective of the degree to which contemporary life is mediated by screens.

The duo are currently artists-in-residence at 100arts, and have presented original work at the İstanbul Modern (Istanbul, TR) Espacio Gallery (London, UK), Shakespeare Theatre (Gdańsk, PL), The Wright Museum of Art (Beloit, USA), Ewing Gallery (Knoxville, USA), Herron Gallery (Indianapolis, USA), and throughout institutions in Madison, WI including Gallery 1308, The Bubbler, Arts + Literature Laboratory, and Level 6 Gallery.

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