Day 8 > Draga Jovanovic

The wind here is always soothing – TRT 8:27

The movie is dealing with a freedom of the inner self and its thoughts and reflections that lie instinctively in all of us. Therefore, part of us, that unrealized Self, that is unfiltered, organic and fragile is shown in this short film. That unconscious mind (that I call the uncensored-eternal self) is elementary to our conscious mind. We all live in the world that is highly driven by the hidden self so that we rarely get access to it. It is the part of our brain process where almost all decision are already made before we are aware of it. In our unconsciousness lies our deep fears, terrors, desires, memories, suppressed thoughts and imaginations.

All these female personalities in the movie are projecting their thoughts to a viewer from their absent self (unconscious self) and they will virtually never meet. They are trapped far behind their consciousness and subconsciousness. Thus, their reflections set a different tone, some certain values and new questions start to appear that step into an unknown self. They seem to be braver, more intuitive, more aware of life, but somehow less alive. They are levitating within their own layered Self, not being able to come to the surface of consciousness, they are stuck in a gap between awareness and the absolute.

DRAGA JOVANOVIC — is a Toronto based visual artist. She grew up in Serbia (former Yugoslavia) where she started painting and drawing as a teenager. Soon after, she got accepted to the University of Arts in Novi Sad, where she finished her Bachelor degree in Fine Arts. On completion, she went to Germany where she achieved her Postgraduate and Master’s degree at the Art University of Kassel, Germany.

During her studies in Germany she was highly engaged with photography and soon afterward, she discover the world of short experimental movies that she has been pursuing to this day. She has spent significant time of her life in Germany, Serbia, Great Britain and Canada.

In her work, through short experiment movies and photography, she has been dealing with identity and its very diverse and unstable nature. Her video installations usually consist of a narrative part that sounds like a monologue and a visual part that is heavily based on human portraits.

Draga has taken part in numerous solo/group exhibitions and festivals all over the world including the Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Royal Ontario Museum of Art, Cairo’s Experimental Video Festival, Kunsthouse Dresden, Kulturhus Leksand Sweden, 50 Years of Video Art Panorama Tower in Marseille/France and the Centre for Contemporary Art Plovdiv – Bulgaria.

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