Day 4 > Alina Vasilchenko

The Dying Pigeon – TRT 3:33

An ordinary pigeon lives in the streets of Moscow and tells us about his life and death. He feels melancholy and delight, admiration and despair during the tree minutes that we spend with him. The short film shows the spirit of the city of Moscow at the beginning of the 21st century, it is about inequalities and opportunities in the capital of one of the biggest and richest with natural sources countries.

ALINA VASILCHENKO is an artist and filmmaker based in Moscow. In her short films and videos she tries to make a portrait of a modern person in the rapidly changing world, looking for something that will always remain constant.

She studied filmmaking in the oldest Russian film studio at “Mosfilm filmmakers course”, which gave her the possibility to learn from professionals who worked with such masters as Tarkovsky, Konchalovsky, Paradjanov. Having worked as a film producer assistant for several years, she decided to try to make her own experimental films using the experience and the simple technical equipment that she had.

Alina has shown her works in the cities of Russia, Germany, the USA and many other places around the world, she has participated in numerous international online projects. In 2013 she had two solo shows in Berlin, in 2015 she became one of the finalists of the “Lichter Art Award” in Frankfurt, in 2018 her video “The Dying Pigeon” was selected for the “Fuck Narration” Pugnant Film Series and Balkan Can Kino festivals in Athens.

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