Day 15 > Johannes Gerard

Cusp – TRT 3:14

CUSP is writen by the American poet Jennnifer Tonge. It´s a collaboration project which was created for Visible Poetry Project -(USA) and the National Poetry Month April 1st, 2018 – April 30th, 2018 –

The Visible Poetry Project (USA) was founded in 2017 with the goal of bringing together a collective of filmmakers to create a series of videos that present poems as short films. Drawing from works created by renowned poets, including Neil Gaiman and Tato Laviera, as well as emerging poets, the Visible Poetry Project strives to make poetry accessible, exploring how we can recreate and experience poems through the medium of film. Throughout the month of April – National Poetry Month – VPP released one visual poem each day. An exercise in translation and a reclamation of both poetic and film discourses, the resulting thirty videos explore how we read, interpret, visualize, and hear poetry.

I choose a poem from the American poet Jennifer Tonge. Between December 2017 and March 2018 I am working on a video for to visualize the poem of her. However, I see the project as collaboration project and therefore I stand in regulary contact with Jennifer Tonge about the developed of the video.

JOHANNES GERARD Born 1959. Studied at School of Printmaking and Design , Cologne, Germany and at Dun Laogharie School of Art and Design, (IADT) Dublin, Ireland. During his art career lived and worked among others in Ireland, Spain, Argentina, Taiwan, Australia, India and Russia. . Currently lives in Berlin, Germany and The Hague, The Netherlands Since 1981 participation in exhibitions, projects, video/film festivals including : Europe, Far East and South Asia, Australia, North and South Americas and Africa. In 2012 first video installations follwed in 2014 first video films. At the same time became interested in performance arts. Since than conducted several video and performance collaboration projects with artists from Taiwan, Russia, Armenia, Lithuania, Netherlands and Germany. 2016 developed together with the theater teacher Denise Dröge a concept for an interdisciplinary and particapatory video and performance/workshop for school children (Here & Now). In 2017 developed this performance workshop further for adults audience (Unfolded & Unwrapped). In 2016/2017 made a series of videos (Anticipating You) related to the poems of the Russians poets Alexander Blok and Anna Akhmadova.with the Theater group Stage DFT, St.Petersburg, Russia. 2018 created with students from the Theater and Cinematographic Institute ,Yerevan , Armenia the multi media project Yerevan in March which includes live performance and video.

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