Day 5 > Annlin Chao & Tom Rosenthal

“I love every fraction of you; yet every fraction, make both complete and incomplete you.” A story of missing a girl.

The official music video of Tom Rosenthal “Lead Me To You”.
Written and directed by Annlin Chao.
Dance/ Choreography by Carys Staton
Videography by Mick Lin
Makeup/ Dressing by Phebe Wu

ANNLIN CHAO is a free lance animation director and illustrator based in London and Taiwan. Works include animation, illustration, and installation. Graduated from Royal College of Art, London, in 2014. Currently live in London. Clients include Channel 4, National Palace Museum Taiwan, Twinings, Delta Heavy..etc.

Hello my name is TOM ROSENTHAL. I live in London, have 2 young daughters, and I write songs. I’ve released 3 albums to date, and the 4th is coming in Spring 2017. Aside from the main albums, I’ve released a trilogy of EP’s and one underrated Christmas single.

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