Day 6 > Roland Quelven

To Measure is to Know, 1:46 TRT

“When you can measure what you are speaking about, and express it in numbers, you know something about it” Lord Kelvin

Roland Quelven (Born in 1967) lives in Brittany. Graduated in mathematics, painter, video artist and sound collagist. He collaborates with various artists, is involved in several collaborative projects, and his works are screened in many international videoart festivals. In 2009 he created the multimedia project «Napolecitta or the fractals virtues of Detail»: digital and sound collages, flash animations in a website devoted to a description of an ancient imaginary city named Napolecitta (fusing Napoli and Cinecitta). Since 2010 the ancient city has become an encyclopedic and imaginary world also named Napolecitta. Most of the videoworks are numbered, gathered as a register, an imaginary official record, a combination of numbers, maps, writings, paintings, masterpieces of Art history, video footage, video materials recorded digitally assembled as palimpsests. All this seen through the prism of the Detail. The reality concentrates as the fragment stands out… seeing through the prism of the Detail, whether iconic or pictorial, produces always the same effect: an « invitation to travel inside ».

A W A R D S : 2012 / The video entitled ΙΚΑΡΟΣ The Fall has obtained a Mention in the second edition of FIVA – Festival Internacional de VideoArte in Buenos Aires. Argentina. 2013 / The video entitled La Chambre de William Seward B. won the first prize in the third edition of FIVA – Festival international de VideoArte in Buenos Aires – Argentina. 2016 / The video entitled Kryptos Graphein won the second prize in the 9th edition of the Festival Premio de Videoarte Ayto de Astillero – El Almacén de las Artes in Astillero. Spain.

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