Day 11 > Ana Barroso

Transitions (trailer) – TRT 15:32

This film was shot at The Monastery of Batalha, a world heritage site that is a wonderful piece of architecture, still unfinished and an inspirational locus for filming as a reflection of moving images. The film happens in the threshold between the material and the intangible world and it asks for the viewer’s unique perception and emotional engagement with what is (not) happening in the narrative. The video is at odds with the tendencies in video art as it deals slow time to get the viewer deeply into images beyond the surface. The non- linear narrative breaks into fragments but to evoke the imaginary, something that relates our past memories with our future longings. In a way, it’s a metaphysical experience and not a film to excite senses and provoke stimuli in a fast pace. Technology brings up this paradox too: the most contemporary can also be the most anachronicist object as it never ends or closes meanings. Each viewer can create his own path as he /she creates his own time for meditation and enlightenment. The musical score was built to evoke both worlds, one as the reflection of the other: the surface and the deep in kind of sound and image alchemy. Loops are horizontal (moving images) and vertical (perception/ film and viewer relationship) expansions of subjectivity and experience.

ANA BARROSO is a researcher at CEAUL, University of Lisbon. She has been participating in international conferences and has been publishing in national/international magazines/books on film and art. As a video artista, her works have been screened in art galleries, museums, film festivals and building façades in many countries around the world (Portugal, Spain, France, UK, Austria, Italy, Holland, Malta, Greece, Germany, Russia, USA, Canada, Argentina, Ecuador, Mexico, Kosovo, Bolivia, Colombia, Argentina, Venezuela, Brazil, South Korea, etc) She is the recipient. of 3 international awards (200, USA; 2013, Bosnia-Herzegovina; 2104, Slovenia. She currently lives and works in Lisbon.

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