Day 13 > Ali Deane

Moment of Silence – TRT 10:21

Moments of Silenceis a collection of iPhone videos and prose that were composed over the course of one year. Each individual video within the short film is a document of a single moment of silence; an interaction between nature and myself. The still videos of moving bodies of water are paired with intermittent spoken words of affection toward nature, creating a fluid conversation with nature for the viewer to observe. The video functions as an opportunity for the viewer to sit in on, to experience and reflect on the types of conversations one may have with nature that are inaccessible otherwise.

ALI DEANE work’s explores human relationships between body and nature. Meditations as well as concepts within evolutionary biology and environmentalism inform my practice. Material and process are specific to each concept. Physical collections of found natural artifacts as well as methods of photography and sculpture merge to establish contained natural environments. Zen aesthetics such as stillness, repetition, accumulation and order are used to evoke calmness and establish spaces for reflection. Deane’s recent and upcoming solo exhibitions include; Maternal Silence at Georgetown College (Georgetown, Kentucky), and Non-Archive at Parachute Factory (Lexington, Kentucky). Group exhibitions include; Midwest Society for Photography Education Student Exhibition at Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design (Milwaukee, Wisconsin), Fiber Focus 2019 at Art St. Louis (Saint Louis, Illinois), Flora at the Midwest Center for Photography (Wichita, Kansas), and The Next Generation at the Kaviar Gallery (Louisville, Kentucky). Deane earned her B.F.A at the University of Kentucky and is currently an MFA candidate at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

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