Day 4 | Blake Carrington

Sky and Wires: At Home and Homeless is a response to a contemporary life of engaging with places not as a space to be, but as a space to chart a trajectory through. In two movements, still imagery from locations in New York, San Francisco, San Diego, Arizona, Indiana, Louisville, Austin, and Las Vegas is introduced and then destroyed in a hyper-rhythm of image and always-progressing serial sound. The aggressive pattern and flow of image and sound become predominant, as the importance of individual scenes and notes is blurred. One of the work’s central questions is in thinking about how we construct identity through the places we inhabit. Do we lose a bit of this core identity as we move from place to place, or are we at home wherever we are?

Sky and Wires: At Home and Homeless, 2007 – 9:30 mins

Blake Carrington is an artist exploring the intersection between geography, signal/noise theory and phenomenology. He has recently completed a residency at Atlantic Center for the Arts under Carsten Nicolai, and is currently an MFA candidate in the Department of Transmedia at Syracuse University. He has received grants from the Ewing Marion Kaufman Foundation and the Chancellor’s Office of Engagement Initiatives at Syracuse University for co-founding Urban Video Project, a public arts initiative that uses the post-industrial landscape of Syracuse as context for multimedia projections. He is also one-third of the artist group Avalanche Collective.

Blake Carrington – Syracuse New York

One thought on “Day 4 | Blake Carrington

  1. This is an interesting concept but the way the artist blurs these places makes it seem like we are in the same place the entire time though the images shot from many different locations. I think Carrington favors the idea of being at home wherever we are. Ideally, we are at home wherever we are because the places on earth are our only options right now for inhabitance, unless of course there is life elsewhere.

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