Day 5 | Marty McCutcheon

Making movies is, for me, both expressive and archival. Experimenting in digital processing, I take little movies of ordinary, everyday scenes and pair them with sampled sounds, sound-bites, and sometimes music. This gratifies an urge to play with and share some of what I see and hear, and at the same time, these little scenes serve as an esoteric chronology of my times and travels; a digital, audio-visual journal/sketchbook.

Transmission is a single-shot scene, shot from a west-facing window in my upstairs flat. Adjustments are being made to the transmission lines, the information pathways that connect my communication tools with the world. While the adjuster is atop the pole, Yale art professor David Joselit speaks about identity and the power (and potential power) of images in the digital age.

Transmission – TRT 1:42 mins.

Marty McCutcheon lives and works in Berkeley, California. He is a multi-discipline visual artist, and children’s art teacher. He is a founding contributor to Kika Nicolela’s Exquisite Corpse Video Project, and founder/operator of Berkeley Commonplace.

Marty McCutcheon – Berkeley California

2 thoughts on “Day 5 | Marty McCutcheon

  1. Very thought-provoking. Made me think about how I project my self image unto others via the internet and face-to-face communication. This shot alone has a lot of deep symbolic meaning associated with Marty’s message.

  2. The buildup of sound, along with the man speaking, completely changes the perception of the scene being watched. It definitely makes you question what you are seeing, which is just an everyday event.

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