Day 16 | Jax Deluca


Kill Your Lovers is a hand-processed experimental super 8 film interpreting the cycle of a past relationship through performance and text. The film was made with Tri-X b/w reversal film, capturing one frame per second. Sound by Jax Deluca (aka Communication Vault) and Adam Morowsky. 2006.

Kill Your Lovers, 2006 – TRT 2:37 mins


Jax Deluca is an experimental video/sound, installation, 2-d, text and performance artist residing in Buffalo, NY. Her work has been shown internationally and nationally. Sometimes involving bleak costumes, her work contains underlying themes of death, anxiety and secret fears coupled with an offbeat sense of humor. She is currently the Program Assistant at Squeaky Wheel, a non-profit media art center in Buffalo, NY.

Jax Deluca – Buffalo New York

One thought on “Day 16 | Jax Deluca

  1. I found this video to be very creepy with the way it was shot. The very jagged movements of the camera and the aged look to the film was visually appealing to me. In scene 1 with the hands being placed on the window I felt as if the person was trapped inside looking for a way out, a way out of self denial.

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