Day 4 | monoperro


I have no clear idea about my video works, I always improvise. Maybe I´m looking for something but I don´t know what it is yet. I like to make short films with my mobile phone, but i don´t like to show the real things around me. I prefer to find the mysterious around us. For me the sound and the image have the same importance, so I usually make the music or the sound of my videos. Peso means weight in Spanish. Pesar means sorrow. I see Peso as a religious walk. It is like a walk over the fire. I have so much to say about it.

Peso, 2007 – TRT 7:06 mins


monoperro is the name I adopted some years ago and under which I am producing my work. This work is developed inbetween diverse fields as sound-art, video-art and performance. The common point between these disciplines is the exploration of the anthropological dimension of the inhabitants in big contemporary cities, as well as their tribal and wild dimension, so my work is more symbolic than conceptual, or even religious. In this sense and due to internal coherence, the development of my work is more intuitive rather than rational, something I named uncultured art. From this intention to de-cultivate art (some kind of acculturation).

Ignacio Álvarez Bordoy – Madrid Spain

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