Day 3 | Myriam Thyes

Flag Metamorphoses, 2005 – ongoing
Running Time: 26 animations, 40 mins

Flag Metamorphoses is a participatory art project – a continuously growing series of animations with many authors: The flags of every nation in the world will transform into each other through flash animations. Between each two flags, scenes appear to show an aspect of the relations between the two countries – an exploration into the meaning of imagery on flags, aiming to create interrelated associations through questioning, reassessing, fluidizing and re-mixing of diverse national iconography.

Flag Metamorphoses lays stress on the relations between nations as changing ones: Only in the permanent re-creation of values, symbols and ways of life, in mixing with others and differing from others, identities, cultures and societies stay alive. Each artist who creates a flag animation expresses such a relation in his/her own way.

With animations by the following artists (so far):

Norbert Attard (MT), Babel (CA), Peter Chanthanakone (CA), Christoph Frei (CH), Rona Innes (UK), Anke Landschreiber (DE), Jorge Lara + Israel R. Tello (MX), Monika Oechsler (UK), Ajdin Pajevic (DE/BiH), Irena Paskali (MK), Max Pohlenz (DE), Joanna Priestley (USA), Barry L. Roshto (DE/USA), Amir Scheulen + Frank Köhnen (DE), Nicola Tauscher (DE/KR), Myriam Thyes (DE/CH), Slobodan Tomic (HR)

Congo – Belgium: 1’05”, stereo
Myriam Thyes, DE/CH, 2005


Malawi – Mozambique: 1’24”, stereo
Rona Innes, UK, 2005


Caribbean Carnivals: 5′, stereo
Myriam Thyes, DE/CH, 2006


Red and Yellow – a historical view of the Vietnamese Flag: 3’31”, stereo
Barry L. Roshto, USA/DE, 2005


Myriam Thyes – Düsseldorf Germany

8 thoughts on “Day 3 | Myriam Thyes

  1. This is a really interesting project; it’s fun to learn about countries I didn’t even know existed. ^_^; Not all of the connections were entirely clear as presented, but the transitions were intriguing.

  2. I really enjoy the style you are using with the many different shapes and colors in the artwork. It catches my attention and makes me take a second look at the flag. There is a lot of imagination at work here for the viewer.

  3. I really enjoyed this video. I love the fact the artist would like students to expand on this project. It allows the students to learn a little more about a culture they might not of known about previously.

  4. its interesting to see so many references to war between the transitions of different countries. it’s sad to think the most memorable accounts between two countries are the conflicts they had. not that war shouldn’t be a most memorable event, but i just wanted to state the fact of this recurring event.

  5. There are many things i enjoy in this project, the design, format and color, but most of all i like the constant motion of it. This element of all these pieces, that make up flags are always moving. I think it adds a pleasant visual affect.

  6. At first I thought it looked like a peter max take off, but in fact it was more like cut outs than ilustrations. The cut out look made me think of making flags and the history that makes the flag have value.

  7. The idea was very nice, and there seemed to be a ton of substance and commentary in this piece. The King Kong part did not read well though. I did not get the reference and touching on a story took away from the purpose.

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