Day 13 > Yvette Granata

The Endless 

The Endless is a speculative sensory enthnography that roams through a visual thought pattern across both humans and artificial intelligence. It excavates the visual artifacts of interpolation – the act of neural nets filling in missing visual information with environmental data. Produced from a series of experiments with AI neural networks and gender recognition bias from 2018-2022, the Endless is a recursive loop between humans interpreting AI and vice versa. The result is a digital sensory journey, roaming through an alien culture in a phantasmagoric landscape. 

Yvette Granata is media artist and scholar. She works across multiple media to create immersive installations, interactive environments, VR films, video art, and hypothetical technological systems. She writes about media theory, philosophy, and digital media culture. Her work has been exhibited at the Harvard Carpenter Center for the Arts, The Eye Film Institute in Amsterdam, The Kunsthalle of Media and Light Art in Detroit, Papy Gyro Nights in Norway and Hong Kong, Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center, and Squeaky Wheel Media Arts Center in Buffalo, among others. She has published in Ctrl-Z: New Media Philosophy, Trace Journal, NECSUS: European Journal of Media Studies, International Journal of Cultural Studies and AI & Society. Her film design work has appeared on screens at the Sundance film festival, Tribeca film festival, Rotterdam, Berlinale, Rome International Film Fest, SXSW, and CPH:PIX. She also produced the hybrid documentary, City World (2012) which premiered internationally at CPH:DOX and won best documentary at Cinema on the Edge in LA. 

She holds a Phd in Media Study from SUNY Buffalo, a Masters from the University of Amsterdam, and a BA from University of Michigan. 

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