Day 11 > Christina Goestl


A body in motion: Repetitive movement opens up a space in which subtle changes become perceptible, created by the interactions of videographic and acoustic elements.

Director Biography – Christina Goestl

Christina Goestl is an artist. She works in the fields of audiovisual live performance and digital video, utilising series, sequences, modulations and loops, superpositions, cut-ups and electronic impulses. Central aspects of her artistic work are rhythm, dynamics, movement and temporality, communicative interfaces and semiotic systems. Goestl has accumulated an extensive dossier of projects at the intersections of art/tech/science, many of them linked to a comprehensive reflection of sexualities and gender. On the personal side, she is a genderfuck, living in the EU, and holding a master of art degree. Pronouns: as you wish.

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