Day 9 > Constantinos Chaidalis

Sophomore – TRT 0:45 mins

Sophomore: The term comes from Greek σόφισμα (sophisma), “acquired skill, clever device, method” The term sophomore is probably a compound of the Greek σοφός (sophos), “wise” + μωρός (moros), “foolish, dull”. An experimental project based on my collage artworks

Constantinos Chaidalis: I am a multidisciplinary designer from Athens, Greece. I work as a creative director and motion graphics designer for advertising agencies and production houses. I usually work for tv commercials, sometimes working on compositing, direction, matte painting and design. I also work as a director for theatrical video installations and as a graphic designer/illustrator as well. My self initiated projects usually are experimental and very personal. Technically I try to experiment as much as I can with new digital media and software and also with with traditional creative media (screenprinting, traditional animation, video, photography).

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