Day 7 > Samantha Gurry

Montag // There is a Voice – TRT 3:18 mins

The world thru a keyhole and two steps back in line at the bank. In my work I use various methods and media to convey my thoughts on popular culture, sexuality, gender roles, outer space and how we relate to one another. I am constantly picking objects off the ground and out of the trash. Organizing what we fetishize and separate from, like family photos, letters and well-worn remote controls.

Collage enables me to use all I accumulate and work thru what we throw away. Using disparate filmmaking techniques, including stop motion, found footage, live action and video manip, I’m able to reflect my collage style in motion as well as static art.

Right now, I am especially concerned with young women on the cusp of Motherhood. I’m from a traditional Italian-American Family. The pressure to raise a family is still strong. Looking at the women around me I wonder when will they become a moral dial for another person. When do these rad women put down the blunts and pick up breast pumps?

Samantha Gurry (BFA, University of the Arts) lives and works in Philadelphia, PA, just enough outside of New Jersey to count as leaving. She works outside of her home studio with her partner and cat. She works with film, animation and digital media.

Samantha’s work has screened internationally at Ottawa International Animation Festival, SXSW(Austin, Texas), Sydney Underground Film Fest, Melbourne International Film Fest, AXWFF(New York, NY), Fest Anca(Žilina, Slovakia), and more. Her music video, “[bleu] // l’apparition de courbes aurorales”, took the Audience Choice Award in the Free Radicals category at the Sydney Underground Film Festival(2013). She was recently invited to participate in ASIFA-East’s Women in Stop Motion Animation panel at SVA. Her work was also displayed at the Plunk Shop in Upstate NY for their ‘Chuck’ show.

When not working with moving images, she creates assemblage collage, psych music, and goes through people’s trash.

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