Day 14 > Eric Souther

Impermanence – TRT 5:04 mins

The single channel video Impermanence (2011, HD) was shot in Times Square, a space of animated architecture and fast-paced crowds, acts as a physical representation of our electronic culture, an icon of media saturation. How do we exist in this space, past and present?

Technical Details: Frame difference analysis shows pixel change from one frame to the next by change being imaged white and no change black. A video switcher flickers between past and present time of 8 offset signals and a slide creates variations of time trails. All parameters can be manipulated in real-time and recorded for edit.

ERIC SOUTHER is a video and new media artist who creates custom software for manipulating audio and video in real-time. His interest include the materialization of digital aesthetics and the ritualistic spaces of media: the masks of media, the myths of media, and how they change the way we perceive our world. He received his M.F.A in Electronic Integrated Arts from Alfred University in Alfred, New York, and his B.F.A in New Media from the Kansas City Art Institute in Kansas City, Missouri. He is currently an Assistant Professor of New Media at IU South Bend.

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