Day 10 > Kate Jessop

On Miles Platting Station – TRT 2:32 mins

Following Simon Armitage’s metaphoric journey from the Pennine moors down into the bustle and noises of central Manchester, dedicated to a station that no longer exists, using images from Manchester’s other ghost station: Mayfield Station. An animated adaptation commissioned by Comma Film for the New Islington Festival 2007, Manchester.

Kate Jessop is an award-winning animation filmmaker who has worked across illustration, animated shorts, promos and theatre; her work described as “magical”, “showing true heart” and “an old soul, full of youthful innovation”.

She has been selected for numerous national and international festivals and touring programmes such as Raindance; The Best of Birds Eye View; Stuttgart and Tricky Women. Her first film ʻDesiresʼ was a Virgin Media Shorts Finalist, represented the UK in The Best of Women in Film and Television International and was picked up for global distribution by Shorts International.

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