Day 9 > Travis Janssen

I seek to distill common events from the human condition through the investigation of perception and reflection within conscious and unconscious viewing experiences. In turn, it is my goal for viewers to develop new perspectives on both body and world. Elements from diverse fields including physics, biology, and anthropology often enter into my work. My artistic explorations are analogous to that of a traditional researcher. The act of investigation functions as both a motive and a process. By exhibiting the results, I share my findings. Through the mediums of printmaking, digital video, and installation I create immersive works that lend themselves to meditative viewing experiences. Rather than playing to passive observers, viewers often become participants, discovering, realizing, and playing. This approach emphasizes active viewing practices and individuals are empowered as visual beings.

Static Rainbows focuses on the pervasive nature of electronic screens within contemporary culture and their relationship to mediation and meditation. Through visual and aural elements such as pattern, movement, distortion, and noise, the piece approaches the concepts of data/memory loss, reconstruction, and generational shifts. Techniques and source material employed vacillate between digital and analog, creating a result that highlights hybridity within common experiences.

Static Rainbows – TRT 5:01 mins

Travis Janssen received an MFA in Printmaking from Arizona State University in 2007 and a BFA from the University of Wisconsin, Madison in 2000. His current creative practice often focuses on bridging the gap between contemporary and historic methods of printmaking as well as forays into video and installation art mediums. Janssen’s interests also extend into the collaborative process and cross-disciplinary investigation, having collaborated with a variety of individuals on a diverse range of projects including prints and documentary videos. Over the last five years he has shown work in over eighty-five exhibitions across the United States and venues in New Zealand, Russia, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. Currently, Janssen’s creative practice is based out of Carbondale, Illinois where he teaches printmaking and 2-D foundations at Southern Illinois University. Prior to moving to Carbondale he taught a variety of courses including printmaking, digital imaging, and foundations at Arizona State University and Phoenix College.

Travis Janssen – Carbondale Illinois

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