Day 6 > Patrick Moser

I used to watch through my window as my neighbor slowly ambled down the road on his afternoon walks. He suffered from terminal cancer and dreamt of returning back to his home in New York. He hated Florida, felt trapped by the hot sun. The mask and this performance was my way of acting out his dream, while simultaneously playfully exercising my own fears of the inevitable.

Leaving Town – TRT 1:00 min

Patrick Moser is an Associate Professor of Art at Flagler College in St Augustine, FL. His paintings and videos have been exhibited nationally and internationally. Recent group and solo shows include the Lightwell Gallery University of Oklahoma School of Fine Arts, Whitdel Arts Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit, and Wynn Bone Gallery in Annapolis, MD. Patrick has an MFA in Painting and Drawing from the University of Florida.

Patrick Moser – St Augustine Florida

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