Day 5 > Michael Wyshock

Soul Juice was made while considering consumption and coexistence in situations of conflict and threat. Animated sequences of expressionistic line drawing elaborate on potential danger through juxtapositions of fuels, farming, cars, factories and missiles by putting them in playful subtle contexts. Trees are made of plastic bottles filled with projected light experiments. In my artwork, formal decisions are resolved by allowing shape and line to overlap, as found in water where light refraction organizations question origin and replication with a disturbance in surface. Figurative elements are also introduced as behavioral suggestions regarding moral responsibilities of the consumer.

Soul Juice – TRT 4:58 mins

Michael Wyshock received a BFA from the University of Delaware in 1998 and a MFA from Florida State University in 2002. His paintings and videos have been presented in over 100 exhibitions. In 2006 his work in painting was recognized with a Pollock-Krasner Award. In the Fall of 2011 his work was included in a few exhibitions in New York City: a theater production in the East Village at the Connelly Theatre, the Big Screen Plaza in midtown Manhattan, and in the Unfold exhibition at Parsons. In December 2011 his work was nominated for an award from Madatac and presented as part of a special exhibition in Madrid, Spain at the Reina Sofia Museum. Also in 2011 his work was included in exhibitions at the Wheeler Arts Community Center in Indiana, the International Environmental Film Festival in Barcelona, Spain and Mexico City, Mexico and at the Grand Isle Community Center in Louisiana.

Michael Wyshock –

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