Day 7 > Maria Niro

While filming on the Manhattan Hudson River pier one day an older gentleman claiming he was “the real Leo Bloom” insinuated his way into my film. Perhaps like James Joyce who saw Ulysses as his favorite hero my Leo sees himself as Joyce’s Leopold Bloom. A self-possessed character wandering about town on a journey of introspection, like Joyce he is full of puns, allusions and a broad humor. My Leo is in juxtaposition to the cityscape and the politics of space around him -constantly in flux and changing. The radio frequencies of the sound design were influenced by a sense of nostalgia he inspired in me.

The Real Leo Bloom – TRT 2:38 mins
Video/Sound Maria Niro 2012

Maria Niro’s work encompasses video, photography, installation and sound. Her work explores the nuanced relationships between notions of memory, identity, culture, nature, spirituality and materialism in our increasingly artificial environment. Her videos have screened and exhibited in festivals, galleries and performance spaces worldwide. Niro studied film and media studies at The New School University. She is on the Board of Directors at The New American Cinema Group / The Film-makers’ Cooperative in New York City. She lives and works in Manhattan.

Maria Niro – Manhattan

One thought on “Day 7 > Maria Niro

  1. I love the filters and antique look, it fits well with the sense of nostalgia and sense of introspection; like your watching memories happen right in front of you. I really like that you let the ‘Leo’ become your film and that the viewer can see his humor. Awesome film

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