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Lucinda Luvaas’s artwork combines oil painting, acrylic, relief techniques, drawings, using graphite, ink pens, prismacolor pencils and oilbars, video, and photography. She has an insatiable curiosity about materials and always looks for new ways to create a unique visual interpretation of the world. Her technical process produces pictorial effects much like impressions, imprints, fossil left overs from life. Luvaas has no interest in recording exactly what she sees, but rather wants to convey the impressions of what she sees, wanting to craft the mood and feeling of a scene or event.

She has developed a new and innovative technique called: “Imprinting .” This method of working has required many years of experimentation to perfect. It is a meticulous process that is a hybrid between painting, relief techniques and printmaking. It took much trial and error to find the right tools for each step of the process such as: sharp scapels for very intricate, delicate cuts, japanese knives, and italian sputulas of all shapes and sizes. The hard-edged look is painstakingly hard to accomplish…much can go wrong. For instance, there are many grid-like sections that are laid out on the wood panel, and they must be perfectly aligned and seamless. All of the sections must be secure while imprinting, so that the artist can produce a clean, crisp result. This can be very difficult at times, especially when the sections are delicate and fragile. Luvaas continues to experiment and refine her techniques with this new and original approach to fine art.

Meditation 2 – TRT 3:34 mins

Lucinda Luvaas is a multimedia artist working in fine art and video. Her films and fine art have been screened and exhibited both nationally and abroad. Her work is represented by the Walter Wickiser Gallery, NYC, Lois Lambert Gallery, Bergamot Station, Santa Monica and the Sandra Lee Gallery, San Francisco.

Lucinda Luvaas – Los Angeles CA

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