Day 11 > Jeremy Speed Schwartz

The work of Jeremy Speed Schwartz spans animation, performance and interactive art, while finding innovative ways of utilizing and abstracting the human body as a visual and kinetic experience.

Butterfly – TRT :50 mins

A graduate of the Experimental Animation program at the California Institute of the Arts, Speed Schwartz’s film work utilizes alternative approaches to stop motion, including lightpainting and pixiliation, as an attempt to re-examine animation as a means for the aesthetics of the uncanny. His visual music work (most notably the Ornament series) seeks to create kinetic synesthetic experiences, based on the performance of music rather than merely the listening to it.

Speed Schwartz (under his alias Professor William T. Madmann) is a founding member of The League of Imaginary Scientists, an interactive art collective dedicated to art/science hybrids. Influenced by the art movement known as Pataphysics, the work of the League seeks to bring new perspective and inject whimsy into the worlds of art and science. Jeremy’s focus within the League is large-scale interactive software and animation.

Nothing else.

Jeremy Speed Schwartz – Alfred NY

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