Day 1 > Devon Johnson

I embrace the indiscriminant decay by that relentless conqueror, time, which lays waste to the physical world, as well as to our memories of places. The harder we try to fight it, the more distorted our memory becomes; we only remember the last time we remembered (something that perhaps never was). I am not saddened by the fabricated nature of memory because every time I look to the past I create a new story in my mind.

I can only hope that this tale will get better with time. Each shard of memory has the potential to bring up countless narratives, yet unknown. Where they begin hardly matters—it is where they can make the mind go. Time is the ultimate leveler, something from which nothing ever escapes. I offer up this vision, a memory of a memory, its origins unknown.

Noms De Pays – TRT 3:34 mins

Devon Johnson (b. 1984) is an artist based in Washington, D.C., working primarily in lens‐based media. His work examines how our understanding of place is altered by the passage of time, the failure of memory, and the influences of external texts. Johnson earned his MFA in photography at George Mason University, and his BFA in photography at Virginia Commonwealth University. In 2012 Johnson’s video work was included in the Vancouver International Film Festival.

Devon Johnson – Washington D.C.

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