Day 17 > Katrazyna Randall & Dawn Nye

This is a true story told from memory and visually investigated through the lens of one very far removed. Looking through the idyllic frame of the rural American landscape, the narrator leads tells the story of a culture where death is the mundane thread of daily existence and comfort food marks the limited boundaries of hope.
Throughout the centuries the landscape has been imbued with the hope, fear, honor, righteousness, delicacy, power and the faith of man. This video investigates that history through a contemporary lens and seeks to find a relationship between the romantic, the tragic and the everyday.

American Love Story: A Landscape in Sequence – TRT 10:34 mins

Katrazyna Randall and Dawn Nye have been making collaborative works since 2001. They have been in exhibits and festivals across the United States, most recently at Receiverfest in Charlotte North Carolina. They both currently live and work in Maine, U.S.A.

Ms. Randall has shown all over the United States, as well as in Micronesia. She is a combined media artist who uses traditional media as well as new media to explore her subjects. Her work is influenced by philosophy, social criticism, design, politics and the history of art.

Ms. Nye has worked as a graphic designer but has maintained a studio art practice for the last 20 years. In her work she is most concerned with telling stories of conflicting human desires, best intentions, beauty and futility. She uses humor, pathos and the history of image to connect to ideas that cannot be accurately described with words. She is influenced by graphic design, film, animation, music, literature and the history of art–but also by the people she meets, the neighborhoods she has lived in and the headlines she reads.

Katrazyna Randall & Dawn Nye – Temple Maine

One thought on “Day 17 > Katrazyna Randall & Dawn Nye

  1. Nye rambles through the daily observations of the day to day occurrences that pass us all by and we somehow either forget or ignore. She elevates every minutia to grasp our attention. The filming is as elegant as the dialogue.

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