Day 10 > Biying Zhang

The 16th Asian Games will be held in Guangzhou, China in November 2010. Guangzhou will be the second city in China to host the games after Beijing in 1990. This year will be the largest Asian Games ever. The film documents one day activity of a housewife in the city going through different site of the neighbourhood. It explore how the change of Guangzhou city effect its people daily life. The camera goes behind the publicly exposed scenes of this competition, revealing the disruptions and environmental transformations of redevelopment and reconstruction in Guangzhou prior to this important yet short-lived pan-Asian event. The China government value their globe image by their physical appearance of a host city to a very high degree. They want to transform the old city to a modern international Urban city to show their powerful economic status to the world. In fact the world are seeing the humanity issue is getting intense that Chinese local people are not enjoying their lives when they going through physical and mental suffering at their hometown. While the event itself is publicly celebrated as a symbol of harmony within and between the countries of Asia, the spectacle of an esteemed presentation takes propriety over the domain of inhabitants and the security a stable, known urban environment.

Guangzhou 2010 – TRT 4:02 mins

Zhang was born in Guangzhou, China in 1984. She received her BFA from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, and her MFA from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Zhang is a painter and also works in film/video, sound art and mixed media. Zhang’s work has been widely exhibited internationally in Amsterdam, Beijing, Berlin, Boston, Brisbane, Caracas, Cologne, Edinburgh, Madrid, New York, Paris, as well as other locations, in galleries, embassy, film festivals and special events. Zhang was the recipient of the Dean’s Discretionary Fund Project Grant at SMFA, Boston and First Prize at the Student Annual Drawing Show at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing. Zhang lives and works in China and the U.S.

Biying Zhang – Boston Massachusetts

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