Day 6 | Tommaso Caverni

The title of this video is inspired mostly by its movie quote: “Volevo farti felice – I wanted to make you happy”, taken from Eclipse, a film by Michelangelo Antonioni. Even if words like “happy” or “happiness” would seem at the very first look to be related to positive concepts, the past tense reveals remorse for not having achieved the expected results, for not having done enough. At the same time, the green field hides something dark on the bottom of the screen, in the roots of happiness.

For a large class of cases – though not for all – in which we employ the word ”meaning” it can be defined thus: the meaning of a word is its use in the language. – Wittgenstein, Philosophical Investigations, §43

Thinking about my work, this Wittgenstein’s consideration comes often to my mind, because I prefer to employ the visual language without knowing what I’m going to say. As well as it is for any other experience, an observer has to build the underlying meanings of my works. He has to take part in what he’s looking at.

Roots of Happiness – TRT 1:14 mins.

Born in 1981 in Fiesole, Tuscany, I am a musician, a video editor and a visual artist. While attending the Artistic Lyceum of Florence, I’ve been a singer and saxophone player in a noise and ad-lib environment. In 2001, I worked as an actor in the Marco Parente’s video clip shot by Graziano Staino, with whom I’m recently collaborating in editing and composing of several stage shows’ DVD. After graduating in 2007 in Modern History, I have realized many clips as an author, both for contests or exhibitions, among which “Mind the Difference” in 2009, where I was finalist with my short film “Il Pieno Controllo – The Full Control”.

Tommaso Caverni – Florence Italy

16 thoughts on “Day 6 | Tommaso Caverni

  1. The video itself I do not find to be particularly interesting. But when given the short description it is easier to understand. The rays of light also look a bit cheesy and rendered

  2. I like that this video is suggesting both happiness and an ominous feeling at the same time. The sound clip and beneath the field both make me uncomfortable, while the field puts me in a positive state of mind. I like the concept.

  3. It was kind of hard to understand what was going on at the beginning of the video and what kind of story was being told! But after I watched it a second time, I understood the point of happiness especially with the sun ray! Great idea!

  4. I’ve never really seen video done in this vertical format, but I think it’s working really well here. It’s interesting to start with the darkness first and then go into the light, as it were. There is something extremely unsettling about the sound and the darkness at the bottom of the screen, the tangle of roots in the middle, and this seemingly attractive landscape at the top all working together.

  5. I see everyday people in this underground world, and then the video moves up to the sunlight and natural world where there are no people. I feel like there is a heaven/hell or good/evil statement going on her, whether intended or not. I feel that this is commenting on social issues that turns something negative into a positive.

  6. I enjoy the vagueness of the video. No, I would not have known exactly that it had anything to do with happiness, or the wanting of it, but that’s how happiness is anyway. I’m not sure what the activity at the roots is hinting at, and that’s okay.

  7. This is deep, but most people won’t take the time to figure it out. It needs more to it so people can hear where you are coming from. I don’t know how you would do that, but I personally love it. Great job.

  8. I don’t see this video being happy at all. It seems that something in the depths of the earth are being suppressed by a cheerful facade.

  9. The video presents a happy feeling with the green grass and the rays of light, but the audio and the other imagery certainly suggest a much darker feeling. I feel that there needs to be something more to develop the whole concept.

  10. I like how out of something dark and downtrodden there is then the opportunity for positivity and happiness. For most people, you can’t understand one without the other. This seems to start to touch on the relationship between the two.

  11. This very ominous sound accompanied by the uplifting background give me a very conflicting feeling about whether i should feel hopeful or not.

  12. Vertical video. Starting to see that a little more recently. Always strange to see. People are used to seeing vertical photographs hanging on the wall, but not video. Shooting vertical definitely works to its advantage during this video, though. I can see the concept after I have read what it is about. The airport escalators, I feel, has a personal connection with why he couldn’t/didn’t make this person happy.

  13. such cool sound and color with this film. i like how the video is only contained within the center most 1/3 of the window. very clear and well rendered. definitely enjoyable.

  14. This video seems depressing, like someone who feels like they have not dont enough in life. It is kinda of hard to understand without the description

  15. I think this was a very visually stunning video ! The imagery takes to me a serene place and creates an interesting mood and mind state within me.

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