Day 9 | Alvaro Campo

In eastern philosophies,“Nothingness“ can be interpreted as the space that contains thoughts, the formless that contains form, meaning that the one cannot exist without the other.A famous Zen story tells about a Frog that is led from it’s native pond to the ocean and when coming over the last hill and finally seeing the ocean that had previously only been described to it in words; it’s head explodes.The human condition implies a search for and a necessity to find a meaning to the fragile and fleeting nature of existence. Skyping with Descartes describes and illustrates the absurdity of analyzing one’s way through the struggles of life and suggests a more direct and playful approach by disappearing into the great oceans of ”nothingness”.

Skyping with Descartes – TRT :34 seconds

Alvaro Campo, born 1972 is a Spanish/Swiss artist, based in Stockholm Sweden. Alvaro is a multi-disciplinary artist and his range of work goes from drawing, photography and performance to video and installation art. He is co-founder of several art collectives (, and and has also curated many exhibitions during the past eight years at Candyland / artist-run initiative in Stockholm.Alvaro has participated in both group and solo exhibitions in sweden and internationally. He has just recently received several grants from the Swedish Arts Grants Committee to develop his work.

Alvaro Campo – Stockholm Sweden

18 thoughts on “Day 9 | Alvaro Campo

  1. I really enjoy this video watching. It makes me laugh every time when his head explodes from thinking hard. I wish that after his head explodes, his body would collapse or something silly like that. I just thought it was a little weird that his body doesn’t move for 10 seconds after the head disappears.

  2. Great concept. Maybe this is telling us that we will never really understand why we do the things we do as humans. Effects were a bit sloppy but the overall concept came across just fine.

  3. This video makes makes me REALLY want to know why he thinks we do the things we do, but then his head explodes. I love the concept and the reasoning, and the inspiration behind the frog finally seeing the ocean.

  4. This scared the crap out of me! I almost wonder why people could never answer a question that begans with the word why! So why do we think the way we do? There are many people with different opinions. So many thoughts, so many questions why, why, why!?? You ask yourself why and when you think you’ve found the question..YOU BLOW UP!

  5. This is interesting because he has something to say, an opinion, but some other force stops him from saying it. I think this video is saying to its audience that we are not meant to know the meaning of life and other questions that are unsolvable.

  6. This interesting. It’s really honest. What I mean by is that you decided to use a webcam. You didn’t take the time to buy a nice camera or rent one. You felt this was enough. It’s all about the message.

  7. I thought the execution of the video went well with what was trying to be said. It was a nice use of humor to try to explain an aspect of eastern philosophy. I think more was needed to explain the benefit of spontaneity over rationalized thought, the reason why one should think less.

  8. This can be seen as such a serious topic and I think it’s interesting that it was addressed in such an informal way. I’m not to sure how I feel about the effects though.

  9. Didn’t see that ending coming. I see it as an explanation that we can’t explain why we do things sometimes. So much so that our minds are so completely blown. Funny ending by the by.

  10. I wasn’t expecting how this would end, but it was a humorous climax to a question such as the one you attempt to answer. However, I feel it might be too short a video.

  11. I like this video and the question as to why do we do anything. I guess if we didn’t do anything we might end up exploding like that guy or if everyone stopped doing stuff on the planet, then the planet and everything on it might blow up too.

  12. This video is really funny because it is so true! There’s no way we can figure life out and we will go crazy trying to. It is kind of short but I don’t think it really needs to be longer.

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