Day 10 | Tim Skinner

‘Enclosed’ spawned out of a period when my work had just changed from sound installation into video. The previous sound installations had centred around exploring the visual beauty formed when sonic vibrations distorting a body of water. Moving into video gave me the ability not only to document but also gave me the chance to deconstruct and play with the aesthetics, allowing me to regain self expression which I felt had been lost throughout my sound installation work. ‘Enclosed’ was the third video created, and came from documentation of my explorations into the visual signature of the sound of a human heartbeat.

My work has moved on since then. Currently I am obsessed with exploring beauty within repetition, tied in with understanding visual recycling. Over recent years I have always acknowledged my 2008 piece ’Far Away Rhythm’ (Exhibited in Copenhagen, ‘08) as the turning point where repetition started to emerge, but a recent student interview has changed my view, and made me draw the conclusion that rhythmic repetition has always existed. ’Enclosed’ certainly illustrates this with the use of the human heartbeat, which for most of us is a cyclical repetitious sound.

Enclosed, 2007 – TRT 2:56 mins.

‘Enclosed’ was first exhibited in New York City, USA 2007, and since then: Ipswich, England, ’07 – Reading, England, ’08 – Melbourne, Australia, ‘08 – Weston-super-Mare, England, ‘08 – The Hague, Netherlands, ‘08 – Bath, England, ‘09 – Rotterdam, Netherlands, ‘09 – London, England, ‘10 – Birmingham, England, ‘10 – Berlin, Germany, ‘10 As part of the ‘Enclosure’ video installation: Colchester, England, ‘07 – Mansfield, England, ‘08 – London, England, ‘09

Born England, 1980. Graduated from Colchester School of Art in 2003, BA (Hons) Fine Art. Won a one year graduate scholarship in 2003 at Cuckoo Farm Studios, where my current practice is still based. Currently undertaking a variety of major local based art projects, but also looking to secure a residency outside, be it national or international.

Tim Skinner – UK

One thought on “Day 10 | Tim Skinner

  1. I think that the phrase “visual signature” in the artist’s statement is beautiful, and perfect for this film. I love that this video seems simple, yet the more I think about it, the more I realize that it is not so simple, just as we take our heartbeats for granted, when in fact our bodies work so hard for us, even when we are so cruel to them. The shimmery, dreamy feel of the light on the water works so well with the sounds, and both are peaceful and lulling. I found myself in a trance, but not at all bored. Finally, I like the end of the film – the light (the soul?) followed by the dark (death? Or just the end of the film?), but most of all I like that the ending’s meaning is left up to the viewer.

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