Day 12 | Rémy Disch

“Telephone Line” is a music video directed by Rémy Disch for singer Jérémie Rose. The video depicts a 24 hour long trip across the world along with the feelings of loneliness and restlessness. Most parts of this video are taken from the “60 seconds (60 seconds)” project, 365 one minute long films showing details of everyday life. Footage was shot in several places such as Reunion Island, Paris and San Francisco.

jeremie Rose, telephone line, TRT 4:25 mins.

Rémy Disch is a film director, artistic director and painter. He is living and working in Paris. From the artist’s versatility come art works, which answer them, knock together, contradict or complement each other. The painter, director and composer are in permanent conversation. Remy Disch is an observer who grasped daily life in a sensitive and critical way. He gives it to us in a exaggerated and poetic form.

Rémy Disch – Paris France

5 thoughts on “Day 12 | Rémy Disch

  1. beautiful relationships between the audio and visuals. Strong connections from shot to shot flow into each other. interesting and effective way of showing loneliness through quick clips of travel. perfect example of how video can enhance audio

  2. I agree with the previous comment that the video enhances the audio – which is definitely important in the creation of a music video! I don’t get a lonely feeling, however. Maybe restless, but not lonely. Instead, the film portrayed a busy, more road-trip feel to me, and the song even seemed like one that you would play on a road trip. The busy cities and many people and cars included in the video added to this busy, more exploratory and adventurous atmosphere.

  3. wonderful composition of images to build this video they flow well into each other and represent different walks of life and how in one place what you see is different from other places.

  4. Great shots, contrast and composition wise. The fast pace of each shot, alongside the music, allows you to truly sense the restlessness of the traveler, while at the same time, you feel almost as if your experiencing the trip yourself. Really enjoyed.

  5. the scratched film and light leaks along with the sped-up quality of the video give interest to the shots of daily life that could have seemed mundane otherwise. the feelings of loneliness that the artist was trying to portray definitely came across in a way that was relatable.

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