Day 11 | Perry Bard

Recipe for handling alert codes in a post futurist society

8 helicopters
1 cup paprika
2 polar bears
1 mixmaster
U.S. Mexico border
no hammocks
no tacos
no tequila
Align ingredients neatly on surface.
Sprinkle with salt.
Apply pressure
Serve with opera.

Secure Dining – TRT 4:42 mins. Sound Design Steven Baun

Perry Bard is an artist living in New York. She works individually and collaboratively on interdisciplinary projects for public space. She has worked with community groups to address issues of media representation engineering site specific public video installations for the Staten Island Ferry Terminal Building in New York and for Market Square in Middlesbrough UK. Public interventions about the war in Iraq include a mobile truckside billboard traveling the streets of New York, magazine ads and coffee cup sleeves featuring artifacts missing from the Baghdad Museum. Her web and public space project Man With A Movie Camera: The Global Remake invites participation in a mashup of a 1929 film belonging to world cultural history. The award winning work has been presented in 50 venues to date including the Montreal Biennial ’09, the Guggenheim’s Youtube Play Biennial 2010, the Toronto Film Festival 2010. She has given workshops and lectured about the project worldwide; her article When Film and Database Collide is published in the Video Vortex Reader II: Moving Images Beyond Youtube.

Perry Bard – New York New York

4 thoughts on “Day 11 | Perry Bard

  1. Interesting piece on life in a post 9/11 world. It seemed to me that the video expresses a confused attempt to understand this life through something common like cooking. It resonates with a society that is surely going through similar feelings.

  2. it keeps the attention of the viewer well even with the different clips playing over each other. the clips don’t distract from the subject they help it in a way.

  3. Audio is very cool. I love the satirical edge portrayed, although the relationship with spices was a bit confusing to some of the scenes.

  4. the variety of scenes overlapping work very well together. the content of the video is interesting with the close relationships between cooking and maybe society. Audio really helps connect with the visuals.

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