Day 8 | Ona Radu

“Schizophrenia” was made as a movie that is meant to express the feeling of loneliness, of solitude, the inner self that is trying to express itself through the idea of performance act and/or art itself. The vessel of solitude is struggling to resist, while the condition of the artist is trying to release itself from the cage of supressed feelings.

Schizophrenia – TRT 2:51 mins.

Ona Radu studied at the Photography and Video section, Arts and Design College, at the West University in Timisoara, Romania. Even though his work is mostly photography, he also creates short films, video art and animation. From photography to film, almost everything he does is conceptual. He creates an idea and then the work itself, sculpted around the concept.

Ona Radu – Timisoara Romania

9 thoughts on “Day 8 | Ona Radu

  1. This is a really unique video that portrays and conveys the ideas expressed in the artist statement very well. The snow/rain on bare skin feels appropriately uncomfortable. I like that the person looks directly at the viewer, confronting us, and the double images works well. One thing I noticed is that although the film is about loneliness, I thought the person in the film actually seems quite peaceful in parts. Overall, though, really unique film, and I think it’s the perfect length.

  2. Interesting concept. I think you did a great job at showing the struggle of two opposing sides; and the effect it has. I especially enjoyed the part where it is snowing, and the person is turning in circles, while the other part stands still

  3. caught the feel of schizophrenia with all the quick clips, overlapping, and expression. Enjoyed the strong connection between scenes, and how they worked together.

  4. The way these videos were layered created a very unique effect, one that seems like it required a lot of skill to achieve but works perfectly for this videos theme of schizophrenia and the many ‘inner selfs’ each person experiences when placed in solitude.

  5. I believe no description was needed for this video. I first watched it without reading the information below it, and felt the sense of loneliness and struggle with ones inner self. The imagery, with the multiple layers and effects work really well with the audio. It was a good length, because it allowed each image to flow into the other without being to abrupt. Finally, his photography background seems to flow into his video work.

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