Day 15 | Matías Montarcé

In this video, the main character is induced to a dream produced by super-information, literature and culture in wich is absorved by nature, not only becoming part of it but personifying it, steping into a world full of symbolism and spirituality, discovering the actual situation of human beings in relation to our natural environment and leaving the doors open for the hope that some technological advances will bring to this stormy relationship.

Bathroom Tale, 2009 – TRT 4:30 mins.

Matías Montarcé is a video artist based in Madrid, in his works he connects empirical processes with conceptually abstract elements using poetic and visual resources. The absence of dialogues, symbolism, spirituality or ethno-anthropological elements are common characteristics in his work. He finds inspiration through what he calls “Silencia”, a phenomenological state of perception by wich a person, as a sensory-perceptual receptor, finds logical coherence between visual and/or auditory stimuli apparently unrelated. This new concept is formed by the synthesis of the words silence and solitude, usually associated with moods of sadness, but in this case together, they serve somehow paradoxically, as a basis for discovering beauty in a pure/natural state. His work have been exhibited internationally at MADATAC 02. The Madrid Festival of Contemporary Audio-Visual Arts, dokumentART. European Documentary Film Festival, Souvenirs From Earth TV, Transfera TV, “PI”. Performance & Intermedia Festival, International Video Art Festival VIDET ́10, International Video Art Festival. Camagüey, International Modern and Contemporary Art Fair KUNSTART `08 and The Carrousel du Louvre. París.

Matías Montarcé – Madrid Spain

4 thoughts on “Day 15 | Matías Montarcé

  1. This video has a lot of cool angles and tricks in it. The artist is clearly a master of video art. It gets pretty strange but hey that’s obviously what their going for. This vid. is legit. legitski

  2. interesting moving background keeps viewers engaged by creating the boring act of reading into a powerful atmosphere. Bathing scene is extremely odd, but love everything about it.

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