Day 16 | John Park

“Vent” is an experimental animation created by John Park and an original score by composer Jeremy Schropp. The piece was originally created and conceived within an interdisciplinary art collective called Harmonic Laboratory where it has been performed with the dance choreography of Brad Garner. Though the work is being presented here without the dance performance, the creators see great value in the work existing in unintended spaces. The theme and title “Vent” are a reference to the passive and pervasive forces of volcanology in the Pacific Northwest where the group is based.

Vent Animation v.3

John Park works at the intersection of creative pedagogy and technology as an faculty instructor at the University of Oregon Department of Art. His research centers around the creative re-appropriation of industry electronics, programming and how the concept of repurposing can stimulate excitement in his own practice and his course curricula. Park’s diverse background in photography, 3D modeling, experimental animation, computer programming and electronics hacking has led to a larger investigation of what the most appropriate uses of these technologies should be in the today’s cultural climate.

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