Day 14 | Jennie Thwing

Brolo Hill is a short film loosely based on the daily lives of the Lenni Lenape tribe and early pioneers that lived in Upper Roxborough, Pennsylvania. The film was shot on location at the Schuylkill Nature Center in Roxborough. The film depicts the “living forest,” an idea based on the Lenape Indian belief that all animals and plants have spirits. The work combines historical re-enactment and personal experiences to create a response to the physicality and history of the land.

Brolo Hill – TRT 2:06 mins.

Jennie Thwing is a Philadelphia-based artist and educator who received her MFA from UMBC in Baltimore. She is currently an Assistant Professor at Rowan University in Glassboro, NJ. Thwing is a 2008 Fellowship member at Soho20 Chelsea Gallery and is a member artist with The Nexus Foundation for Today’s Art in Philadelphia. She has exhibited her work at The Museum of Contemporary Art in Seattle, The Institute for Contemporary Art in Philadelphia, The Creative Alliance in Baltimore, The Center for Art and Visual Culture in Baltimore, The Fondazione Mudima per l’Arte Contemporanea in Milan, The Independent Museum of Contemporary Art (IMCA) in Cyprus, Soho20 Chelsea Gallery in New York City and the New York Studio Gallery in New York City.

Jennie Thwing – Philadelphia Pennsylvania

9 thoughts on “Day 14 | Jennie Thwing

  1. Interesting video. I really liked the time lapse shot of the meat. I also really liked the composite of the figure in white running through the woods from different directions.

  2. I really liked the time-lapse effects used in the video. This effect made objects that, in real time, seem inanimate come to life… Like the steak. This made me think about how every living organism contributes to the cycle of life. When one dies it releases energy, nutrients and possibly even its soul to create new life.

  3. loved the range of all the time lapsing methods. Audio gave a good sense of presence by the accurate sounds of the moving forest.

  4. This video has a great idea behind it because the way people see a forest, plants and animals is as lumber, Food, or decoration they can make a profit off of. This gives these things a life of their own.

  5. This film is an excellent portrayal of the liveliness of a forest. The use of stop motion is truly effective in showing movement of the forest over a long period of time. The sounds incorporated with the images remind me of the immense strength of nature’s force, especially compared to humans. It has a very strange, eerie feeling of reality, and the way nature can literally change everything in it’s path.

  6. This film portrays the idea that all things have spirits and that the forest is living really well. The more I thought about this idea, the more I could think of examples in my own life of the nature around me being more alive than people usually think. The warm lighting, stop motion, and slow motion really adds to the strange feeling that the forest is alive. I especially like the part where the ground is “breathing.” Overall a really great film, and hopefully one that will make people think more about what we are doing to the world, and how that would change if everything actually did have spirits as this film suggests.

  7. This is an amazing video. The player kept messing up but I was determined to watch the whole thing. It was really neat and I’m honestly inspired for my next video after watching this. It kinda has some strange creepiness looming about in it which I totally dig. Everything about this video rules.

  8. I really enjoy the creepiness and suspense to this video. Its executed very well all of the greens and organic colors really added to the look of the video.

  9. I love the image of the earth breathing. The image of the white cloaked person spinning was very interesting as well. I like the idea of the people becoming part of the earth and reacting with it.

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