Day 13 | Espacio Cuántico

“Ephialtes”, daimon or spirit of the nightmares, the greek equivalent of the incubus and succubus (Latin) spirits taking the form of men and women respectively to torment humans introduced in his dreams. Sale of the land as if it flows from his body a flowery garden, turn off the shadows and rests her disfigured face in the mirror. The creatures passing in the night the maze dreamed upsetting the fragile break their way. The silence stuns spectra caged floating in the air, buried fears.

Efialtes, daimon o espirítu de las pesadillas, equivalente griego de los íncubos y súcubos (latín), espíritus que adoptaban la forma de hombres o mujeres respectivamente para atormentar a los humanos introduciéndose en sus sueños. Sale de la tierra como si brotase de su cuerpo un jardín floreado, se apagan las sombras y reposa su rostro en el espejo desfigurado. Las criaturas transitan en la noche el laberinto soñado, alterando a su paso el frágil descanso – El silencio aturde a los espectros enjaulados, flotando en el aire los miedos enterrados.

Ephialtes – TRT 4:46 mins.

Juan Belmonte (Musician, Buenos Aires, Argentina 1983) and Beatriz Lozano Bárez (fashion designer, Salamanca, Spain 1986) come together in Barcelona in 2007 and create “Espacio Cuántico”, a place where imagination has endless possibilities to create small audiovisual works framed in a surreal landscape with an apparent innocence wrapped in a tenuous darkness.

Films Include: “Human Magnetoscopic” (2011) (comming soon), “Efialtes” (2009), “4/Dimension” (2009), “Engranajes oxidados destilan pensamientos de cartón” (2008), “Robotmotion” (2008) and “Introspective” (2008).

Espacio Cuántico – Barcelona Spain

8 thoughts on “Day 13 | Espacio Cuántico

  1. Wow. Very cool use of stop motion animation. It was very unsettling at times, like a nightmare. I enjoyed the scenes in the dark, where a flashlight seemed to be the only light source. I also really liked the diver battling the octopus.

  2. captured the erie vibe well. Audio sets the mood and the time lapsing effects bring the objects to life! scared to dream tonight

  3. Really unique, creative, and thought-provoking video. It is a very well-made stop motion. The creepy music definitely adds to the feel, and I especially thought the lighted up clown doll was really scary! The idea of buried fears was portrayed really well by the idea of shutting a door on your nightmares, as happens several times in the film. I like that the video is funny and quirky, yet really creepy, and also something that all of us can relate to.

  4. this is crazy. You definitely accomplished your goals because I was totally freaked out. I was getting a weird sense of nightmares and scary vibes then I read your description and it was exactly what I was feeling. great job.

  5. Very creative concept. I really liked the use the old looking doll, it really added to the creepiness. I really liked the stop motion.

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