Day 13 | Tomiko Jones

Loose narratives unfold in visual stories, expressing the immeasurable depth of the human condition and the metaphors nature offers for existential understandings. Lush environments partner with liminal places; capturing them through imagery and created environment is a long growing theme in my work. Liminality creates a state where transcendence can occur, insinuating change and transformation. It is a threshold, a passageway. At a political border it is considered no man’s land. In nature it is the boundary between land and water that continually blurs as water rises and falls, ebbs and flows. Not only an external visual element, for me it provides a blueprint for the internal terrain of the consciousness. To image place and people across continents and seas, simultaneously marking and blurring differenc is a visual record of existence; searching for the notion of home, of belonging, not only in society or culture, but in the very sense of being human.

le traversée, – TRT 3:34 minutes

Tomiko Jones, born in the twentieth century to a Japanese American mother from Hawai’i and a Welsh German American father from Pennsylvania, finds she belongs neither here nor there, yet finds home anywhere.

Loose narratives unfold in sculptural video installations and questionably fictional photographs. She exhibits regularly in Seattle and Portland, and exhibited abroad in solo shows in Tokyo and México City and group exhibitions in Buenos Aires, Dubai, Istanbul and Berlin.

She received her Master of Fine Arts in Photography with a Certificate in Museum Studies from the University of Arizona in Tucson in 2008. She is the recipient of awards including the national Society for Photographic Education Freestyle Crystal Apple Award for Outstanding Achievement, 4Culture (King County, WA) and Tucson Pima Arts Council International Exchange Grant. During her studies she interned with the international women’s art collective 6+, Center for Creative Photography’s Voices of Photography and Lucky Number 7, SITE Santa Fe and was guest curator and for Elizabeth Mellott’s This War Between Us at the University of Arizona Union Gallery.

In 2008 she spent three months in residence at the Museé Niépce in Chalon-Sur-Saône, France, the acclaimed birthplace of photography. Along with explorations in photography and video, she had the opportunity to touch on 19th century processes, access the museum’s vast archive, and organize several public video projections. This fall she will return to France for a project-specific fellowship at the Camargo Foundation in Cassis.

Tomiko Jones – Tucson Arizona

2 thoughts on “Day 13 | Tomiko Jones

  1. I think this is a cool looking video. The black and white works well with the trapped feeling of the butterfly. I enjoy how you decided to end it as well. The description is a bit long maybe but it seems like your a very passionate artist, good job!

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