Day 2 | Susan Evans


I am fascinated by the disparity of a unified understanding or comprehension of common symbols and imagery though standardized structures exist. Working in photography, video, new media, performance, sculpture, installation or a hybrid, I explore the concept of things and information. Specifically I am interested in the structure, collection, storage, organization, categorization, processing, retrieval, and cross listing and dissemination of information, images, knowledge and memory.

This particular video, seeTV, was prompted by the spectacle of television and “over-sharing” structure of the increasingly popular “reality” television shows. I deconstruct and deny the expected content. As is consistent with much of my other work, general themes of identity, communication, representation, commodification, media seduction, sensory overload, meaning, hype and contradiction are satirized and critiqued.

seeTV, 2003 – TRT 3:00 mins


I am adopted and have been renamed three different times. I have double vision in booth eyes. I have an un-natural love for eating eggs. I can weld and make awesome pie. Climbing trees is fun. I do not have the patience for needlepoint, basketball, Mel Brooks films or stripping furniture. I fixed Robert Plant’s rental car on the island Nevis in 1987. My favorite camera is my newly restored 8×10 wooden Agfa/Ansco. I live in the Detroit Metro area but wish I lived somewhere warm. My first job was in photography. I have too much clothing so that it requires a separate room to hold it all. One of my favorite authors is Raymond Carver. Ontology recapitulates hegemony.

Susan Evans – Pleasant Ridge Michigan

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