Day 12 | Nick Golebiewski

I primarily work in Super 8 film. It is a nostalgic medium that could have been made yesterday or 40 years ago and is instantly recognized as a “home movie”. Also, I went to school for painting. The process of making a film vs. making a painting is a similar process – building up layers of a painting and letting the oil dry and then the process of shooting, developing, and then transferring and editing the film (digitally).

The Super 8 films I make are not scripted, they are neither fiction nor pure documentary. They are hand-held and subjective, much like Jonas Mekas’ personal diary films. They do document real moments. I am interested in cultural pockets, in the case of this film, bicyclists. This is the annual Bike Kill event in Brooklyn put on by the Black Label Bicycle Club.

Lyrics to Matt Frank song:

I Just want to ride my bicycle
I Just want to ride my bike
I Just want to ride my bicycle
But I fear that I might die.

Bike Kills 4, 2006 – TRT 52 seconds
Sound by Matt Frank


Nick Golebiewski (United States, 1980) is a filmmaker/artist working in Super 8 film, shadow puppetry, photography and drawing. In 2002 he received a BFA in Painting at the University at Buffalo. He has exhibited/screened/performed at The National Gallery of Victoria (Melbourne, Australia), Anthology Film Archives (NY), White Box Annex (NY), Rooftop Films (NY), the Cambridge Super 8 Festival (UK), Columbia University (NY) and Hallwalls (Buffalo, NY).

He is currently the Media Director at the Bicycle Film Festival and lives in New York, New York.

Nick Golebiewski – Brooklyn New York

2 thoughts on “Day 12 | Nick Golebiewski

  1. This is my second favorite video in the series. (after the circus/tin types film) I will always choose actual film-based work over digital.

    I love the look of 8mm home movies, the more scratched and art-damaged the better. I think the artist’s analogy to layering in the painting process is very appropriate.

  2. I love the few scenes of various bicycles riding through. It does look very painterly and the old film fits with the idea.

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