Day 8 | Scott Blake

Scott Blake takes barcodes and turns them into art – art that is simultaneously pop and op, intellectual and personal, minimal and ocular. Blake uses the black and white icon of our data-drenched existence to stimulate thought on topics from consumerism to religion and individual identity. He urges the viewer to consider the limitations of digitized human expression and to appropriate these symbols of commodity.

Experimental Animation, 2002 – TRT 2:21 minutes


Scott Blake is a very frivolous artist and his work has been in fantastic art galleries. The New York Times, FHM, and Adbusters magazine have featured Blake’s Barcode Art, in addition he was interviewed on ABC World News Tonight and Tech TV. website has been reviewed in 15 languages and Blake’s work is in private collections throughout the world. The artist was commissioned to create custom work for the actress Jane Fonda and also by the University of Ottawa in Canada. The creators of Photoshop recognized his artwork at the 2002 Adobe Design Achievement Awards, held in the Guggenheim Museum NYC. Scott Blake received a B.F.A from the Savannah College of Art and Design. He was born in Tampa, Florida 1976 (I am 32 years old) and he currently live in Omaha, Nebraska.

Scott Blake – Omaha Nebraska

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